Gluten in your muffins


Hero in disguise

Just another everyday, average trip to the grocery store.

Just another everyday average trip to the grocery store.




We showed up, where the heck were you?




Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve anticipation…

Halloween Happenings

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Our house favors all things boy

I was just making soup, people.

I was just making soup, people.  Stop being immature.

Q-Jack–10 weeks



I’m getting cuter…

Travel with friends

We have a super fun crew of friends we’ve traveled with since before kids.  We continue to plan trips together and our group continues to expand.  The adults used to be the ones making each other laugh.  Now we watch all of our kids laughing together and it couldn’t be cuter.  Our talented friend Andrew Luria put together a little video as he always does from a trip we took just over a year ago.  Here’s to traveling with great friends…


Q-Jack–2 Months!



I am a delicious being (who is making a disgruntled old lady face).


It is a good thing I am neither 26 years old nor Mormon because let me assure you, I could have oodles of these little dumplings.

Authentic Communication

I am the firstborn in my family.  I’m hard working.  A rule follower.  A pleaser.  All traits that are commonly associated with firstborns.  I’m also an observer and an introvert and have been my entire life.  I’ve learned the tricks of the extrovert, I even know how to use them to my advantage.  But truth be told, I need my alone time, my space and prefer one on one interactions to large social gatherings.

Being an observer and a pleaser are both wonderful things, but have at times crippled me.  The upside is that I have many friends and I know how to make others happy.  I watch and intuit what people need and I deliver in different forms.  It is incredibly hard for me to feel like I’ve disappointed someone.

We went to a wedding a couple of weekends ago and I saw one of my very closest friends from college.  She and I had hot and cold periods during college.  She, the brash, outspoken one willing to speak her mind no matter the cost.  And me, the soft-spoken one who wouldn’t say what I really thought for fear of hurting someone.  She was the first friend I ever had who I had real verbal fights with.  It blew my mind, why did the relationship have to be so dramatic? None of my high school friendships were like this?

But seeing her again that weekend reminded me of what I learned from our relationship.  It’s bullshit to pretend everything should be pretty and nice and easy in life.  Trying to maintain this is exhausting.  Not speaking my truth rots something inside me, not to mention the relationship or situation within which I hold back what I really think and feel.

So folks, consider it a Autumnal Aspiration (we’re not yet ready for New Years goals).  Instead of holding my tongue when something sucks, I hope to speak more authentically.  I hope to always be a pleaser and speak kindly to people, it’s part of what makes me me.  But here’s to working towards authentic communication, no matter how ugly she be.

So please don’t ask me if your ass looks big in that.

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