Cora turns 5

Cora turned 5 last August, but we were so busy with new baby, we couldn’t pull this together.  But now we can!  Here is her 5 year old video:

Little Girl Dreams

Cora recently had to do a poster for school where she talked about what she wants to be when she grows up.  Without hesitation, she said a singer, and drew a picture of herself singing on stage.

Thoughts bombarded my mind, thoughts which I almost felt compelled to say.  I thought you wanted to be a veterinarian and help save animals?  And other self-serving ponderings of the same ilk.  Thankfully, I kept my mouth shut.

For her to find her deepest purpose I need to step aside, stand under and behind her, and let her own intuition and dreams lead the way.  It matters not what they sound like to me.  A parent’s expressed practical projections can crush a person’s spirit faster than anything else, even into adulthood.

I found this video I have to show her when she gets home from school today.  It’s a little girl with a beautiful voice who is touching the world with her charm.  Watching it brings tears to my eyes.  I can’t wait for Cora to see it.

“Let the Beauty we love be what we do

There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” -Rumi

Gluten in your muffins


Hero in disguise

Just another everyday, average trip to the grocery store.

Just another everyday average trip to the grocery store.




We showed up, where the heck were you?




Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve anticipation…

Halloween Happenings

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Our house favors all things boy

I was just making soup, people.

I was just making soup, people.  Stop being immature.

Q-Jack–10 weeks



I’m getting cuter…

Travel with friends

We have a super fun crew of friends we’ve traveled with since before kids.  We continue to plan trips together and our group continues to expand.  The adults used to be the ones making each other laugh.  Now we watch all of our kids laughing together and it couldn’t be cuter.  Our talented friend Andrew Luria put together a little video as he always does from a trip we took just over a year ago.  Here’s to traveling with great friends…